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This section of the website is designed to serve as a ready reference for members of materials that are helpful in carrying out the mission of the League. Helpful hints and some reference material are included to make it easier to find materials. It is not intended to be all inclusive. We welcome ideas for other materials that should be added to make the page more useful.



In the spring of 2015, a study of Hydraulic Fracturing ["Fracking"] in Virginia was proposed to the attendees at the Convention of the League of Women Voters of Virginia [LWV-VA]. Delegates there approved the study, feeling that insufficient attention had been given to the specific challenges presented by the particular geologic composition of soil in the Commonwealth, and to potential harm to local soils, industries, sensitive cultural sites, and watersheds.  A small study committee was formed.  The board reaffirmed its position in January of 2016 that the conditions still warranted moving forward with the study, rather than relying on LWV US and LWV-VA positions on water quality as the basis for our advocacy about fracking in Virginia. After months of extensive study, the committee produced a report on what they had found.  This report was presented in power point format to members attending the Fall Workshop day in September 2016 and was available online both at the LWV-VA website, and on in a discussion group on Facebook as a resource for local Leagues to use as they began their discussion of the topic.  

Consensus questions prepared by the committee were approved by the LWV-VA Board in October 2016.  Members who did not have email addresses were also invited to take part in the consensus phase of the study, after being given the links to the source materials available online.  Several of these members also chose to take part in the consensus.  In the late winter of 2017, responses were received from the local Leagues who had participated in the study and consensus process, and were compiled, along with those responses mailed in.  From these responses, the proposed position was crafted from areas of consensus among the reporting Leagues.  At the April 4, 2017 meeting of the Education Fund Board of the LWV-VA, the proposed position was approved.  This position is currently in effect.  If changes are suggested and approved by the delegates to the Convention of the LWV-VA in mid-June, they will be incorporated into the position. Click Here to read the position.

Proposed LWV-VA Program for 2017-2019

Based upon input from local Leagues and in accordance with procedures laid out in our Bylaws, the LWV-VA Board has approved the Recommended Program to be presented for discussion and approval by delegates to the 2017 Convention on June 10 & 11, 2017. Click Here to review this document.


Your nominees for two-year terms on the Board for 2017 + 2019. Please note that nominations from the floor can only be made if the potential candidate has agreed ahead of time to serve. Click Here to review the nominees.


Resolutions, other than of a courtesy nature, may be proposed by delegates to the convention in addition to submitted before the convention. Click Here to read this policy.


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