League of Women Voters of Virginia

1011 E. Main Street, Suite 214A
Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: (804) 447-8494

Email: league@lwv-va.org  or info@lwv-va.org

Our Officers & Board Members (Portfolios):

Title   Name   Email
President   Sue Lewis   president@lwv-va.org
First Vice President   Linda Garvelink   firstvp@lwv-va.org
Second Vice President   Lynn Johnston   secondvp@lwv-va.org
Secretary   Martha Rollins   secretary@lwv-va.org
Treasurer   Pat Hurst (Linda Garvelink as of 7/1/18)   treasurer@lwv-va.org
Arrangements   Lynn Johnston   events@lwv-va.org
Communications   Carol Lindstrom   communications@lwv-va.org
Action Coordinator Deb Wake actioncoordinator@lwv-va.org
Legislative Coordinator   Valarie Fillgrove   legcoordinator@lwv-va.org
Voter Editor   Carol Lindstrom   votereditor@lwv-va.org
Voter Protection   Vacant – if you are a member who is interested in this position, please contact the nominating committee (email below)   voteprotect@lwv-va.org
Voter Services   Maggi Luca   voterservices@lwv-va.org
Membership   Andrianne Konstas   membership@lwv-va.org
Public Relations   Adarsh Trehan   publicrelations@lwv-va.org
Facebook Coordinator   Carolyn Caywood   facebookcoord@lwv-va.org
Twitter Coordinator   Carol Lindstrom   twittercoord@lwv-va.org
Program Director   Anne Smith   programs@lwv-va.org
Administrative Assistant   Laura Graham   adminassist@lwv-va.org
Nominating Committee   Kathy Matusiak   nominating@lwv-va.org



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