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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Virginia Delegation to LWVUS Convention 2016 Gathers Valuable League Information, Insights

Twenty-four attentive Virginia Leaguers took notes, offered examples, asked questions and generally spent 4 action-packed days at the mid June nation-wide convention. Summaries of various break-out sessions will be shared in future issues, but thanks to the note taking skills of Linda Garvelink of the Va. Board and Falls Church, and Martha Cooper, also of Falls Church, a detailed account, called a "Delegates' Diary," of the major speakers and business dealt with at the Plenary Sessions has been placed on the state website. To read the full reports, click here.

Arlington League Wins "Strengthening Democracy" Award at LWVUS Convention

LWV of Arlington won national recognition at the banquet the final night of the US League's convention at the Wardman Park Marriott Saturday. Their award was for "innovative democracy-building programs that demonstrate successful League activities where the engagement of recruitment of strategic partners and/or new volunteers within the community has grown, especially in order to better serve key underrepresented groups such as young voters and new citizens."

Photo shows (l tor) Gurley, LWVUS President Elisabeth MacNamara, Matusiak and LWVUS Executive Director Wylecia Wiggs Harris. To read more click Here.

Voting Rights Group Successfully Intervenes in Virginia Voter Purge Case

League of Women Voters of Virginia said proposed purging would have threatened eligible voters in November election.

At Friday's federal court hearing in Alexandria, Virginia, the League of Women Voters of Virginia's request to intervene in an ongoing legal battle there was granted. A self-styled "election integrity" group had sued the city's registrar in an attempt to pressure her into conducting an unnecessary and improper purge of the voter rolls in advance of the 2016 election.

To protect eligible voters from unlawful disenfranchisement, the League had also filed a proposed legal brief supporting the City of Alexandria's effort to dismiss the plaintiffs' claim that the city's process for updating its voter rolls violates the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

Click Here to read the full text of the press release.

Washington County MAL is Approved by LWVUS to Become an Official League

The National Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters gave unqualified approval to the application submitted by MAL President Merry Jennings for Washington County. Seven years in the process of forming, Jennings stated "This is a dream come true for us. Many people have sacrificed time and energy to get to this point. It is with a great sense of pleasure for me to say thank you to all those who helped make this day happen." Washington County joins 11 other Leagues in Virginia.

Photo shows Co-President Lois Page approving the application on behalf of the state League, while Co-President Dianne Blais and Washington County MAL President Merry Jennings look on.

Analysis: Virginians Whose Voting Rights Have Been Restored Overwhelmingly Nonviolent, Completed Sentences More Than A Decade Ago

On May 11, Governor Terry McAuliffe released a statistical analysis of demographic and other characteristics of the population of former Virginia felons whose rights the Governor restored with his historic April 22nd order.

The analysis reveals that the average time since release and completion of parole or probation is 11.1 years. The average age of this population is 45.9 years. Previous to his April 22nd order, Governor McAuliffe offered immediate restoration of rights to nonviolent felons and imposed a 3-year waiting period on any violent felons. According to this analysis, 93.4% of individuals covered by the April 22nd order would have been qualified before that date.

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