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Leagues around the state are doing their work--studying, educating and the like--but often no one else is aware of what is being accomplished. This section is designed to create awareness of some of these ideas and to make studies and other materials available for use by others to avoid "reinventing the wheel." Leagues should feel free to use information posted here for their own purposes. In deference to the effort that has been put into these topics, please provide appropriate citations.

Standing Room Only at Candidates Forum for Fairfax City Mayor's Race

The audience of 140 spilled out of the doors at the City of Fairfax Regional Library meeting room on the evening of January 9. The atmosphere was serious. Questions were submitted on cards or online to Michael J. DeMarco, David L. Meyer, and Eleanor D. "Ellie" Schmidt, the candidates for the City of Fairfax Special Election for Mayor. We were inspired to organize the event by several women from the City who attended the League's December discussion briefing. It was an ideal way to involve them in LWVFA Voter Service.

We met before the holidays with Ellen Dorney, Elizabeth Yingling, Talita Lopez, and Jill Aubert. They devised questions for Vote 411 and very successfully handled the publicity, getting flyers printed for the folders that are distributed by elementary schools every Thursday, getting the notice into City Scene, and posting flyers around the town. The Connection Newspapers and Fairfax Times both reported on the event.


Washington County League Hosts "Talk Backs"

Washington County League of Women Voters provided panelists for "Talk Backs" following Octobe productions of Abingdon's Barter Theater productions of "Winter Wheat," by Catherine Bush. It is a musical about the vote by a Tennessee legislator that allowed the 19th Amendment to be implemented Leaguers took the opportunity to talk about the League's crucial role immediately following the granting of suffrage to women with their plan, still in place after 96 years, of educating and empowering all voters.

Virginia State Board Co-President Lois Page, and Communications Director Ron Page were guests of Washington County President Merry Jennings for the Oct. 29 production. Lois had the opportunity to serve as a panelist and welcomed the chance to talk about the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial. They also explored with the play producers the idea of putting on the play in the northern Virginia area.

Panel members (l-r) Page, Jennings and Bush, answer
questions and discuss the moral message of the production.

Civic Creativity - Beyond Civic Engagement Finger Wagging

From LWV of Falls Church Virginia, this video provides some very thoughtful and timely insights.

If this video does not display properly on your browser, try using this link: ""League of Women Voters: April 19, 2015 -- Civic Creativity - Beyond Civic Engagement Finger Wagging