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LWV-VA has several Facebook Groups where those with interest about specific issues can share information and discuss “things to do”.  All Official LWV-VA Facebook Groups must be approved by LWV-VA and are monitored to ensure that only League members and their invited guests are members of the group.

LWV-VA Official Facebook Groups

The following are all “closed Facebook groups”. This means that people can find that the group exists but cannot see the posts unless they are a member. To Join a closed group, simply click on the link above and request to be added. The most current membership list will be used to identify members. If you are a friend of an LWV member who belongs to the group, he/she can add you, then an administrator will approve the process.

If you share a post to the group, it is displayed to the group and the original privacy settings of the source of the post are in effect. This means that people can share these posts. They will appear as coming from the original,


  • LWV-VA Advocacy: This is a group to specifically address Advocacy during the Legislative Session but, can cover the course of the full year since there are many groups and public meetings held throughout the year that are related to potential legislation and to regulations. Join the group to share your ideas, learn from others, and to keep up with the latest in Action Activities.
  • LWV-VA Behavioral Health: A LWV-VA Study Group or those interested in Behavioral Health. Share information and learn from others here. This group is for members and member guests only. Behavioral Health is an important issue throughout the state, let us hear from you!
  • LWV-VA Climate Change: A meeting place for LWV members to discuss issues related to Climate Change, including but not limited to Sea Level Rising, Impact on food supply, Drought and Flooding, and much more.
  • LWV-VA Communications Team: This group is for League Leaders and members who have an interest in League communications using social media(websites, email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) and printed materials (press releases, newsletters, graphics, League documents, etc.) where sharing of ideas can help us to increase League Visibility. If you have ideas about templates, content, management, software, or other topics. This is the place to be.
  • LWV-VA Education: Covers pre-K through 12 and is directed to the LWVUS position and our own which is currently under revision.
  • LWV-VA Fracking, Uranium, and other Extractive Industries: Originally established as a tool for the Fracking study group, this has now expanded to include any members (and guests) with an interest in Fracking. (We also discuss pipeline issues.) Through sharing of important news, it will allow us to be better prepared for any Fracking issues that may arise during the Legislative Session.
  • LWV-VA Health Care: Members of WV-VA can meet here to share news related to Health Care and to discuss some of these issues. Join us and share the information you find and your insights into what is a very complex issue.
  • LWV-VA Immigration: Come and join us as we share breaking news and ideas on the current crisis in Immigration and work towards a better future.
  • LWV-VA Redistricting Group: This is a group for members and friends interested in the issue of Redistricting in Virginia. Share information and discuss Redistricting here.
  •  LWV-VA Social: Originally intended for use by members working with social media. This has grown into a place where members (and guests) can share just about any type of information that may be relevant to League. It is the “social” meeting ground for members to discuss League related issues. A different group has been established for only those interested in Communications and is listed below.
  • LWV-VA Transportation: A discussion group for members and friends who are interested in discussing and sharing information about the transportation issues important to League.
  • LWV-VA Women’s Rights & the VA Code: A sharing place for the Women’s Rights and the Virginia Code Study group to share information and to get information from members. A great place to talk about how the Virginia Code could be changed and why from the perspective of women’s rights.
  • LWV-VA Voting & Elections: Members of LWV-VA can meet here to share news related to voting rights, voter suppression, & election modernization, and to discuss these issues. Join us and share the information you find and your insights into these critical issues for our democracy.

    Come share the news you’ve found and let’s talk about these issues.

    The following are all “private facebook groups”. This means that people can NOT find that the group exists and cannot see the posts unless they are a member. Any current member of the group can add people to this group but they must be approved by Administrator before it goes into effect. Only members can post to the group and make comments.

  • LWV of Virginia for Gun Safety: This is a Facebook Group for members of the League of Women Voters of Virginia who are interested in gun safety. Members come here to inform and to be informed. As participants we are encouraged to share local and national articles, research, memes, and events to raise awareness of the growing activity and progress in the gun violence prevention movement.

Other Important Facebook Groups

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