This is a sharing center where any Virginia League can share ideas and information with other Leagues. We are just getting it started, so please be patient.

Voter Registration Events

This is for ideas on how to make voter registration events effective and fun!


  • POSTCARD PARTY Our thanks to Amy Hjerstedt from LWV Falls Church for this great idea. Amy is setting up Postcard Parties in both public areas and private residences where she invites a few folks to join her for some great conversation while they are preparing Postcards to go out as reminders to people to vote. Getting a list of registered voters in your area might be a challenge, but check it out and check out other ways to find addresses to send these cards. I bet that each person coming to such a party could bring a list of from 5 to 10 people they know of who are registered to vote. Some of the participants would likely have a lot more! Here is a pdf version of the file Amy is using that allows you to customize specific areas with things like your LWV group name, website, facebook, and more. [Get File Here]

Anything Else that Increases Your Visibility

  • Action Alert So how to you help people understand what an Action Alert is all about and how to use it? This 2/page, front and back handout is just one example. After all, if people don’t really know what to do with an Action Alert, it kind of negates the purpose of the AA. (Just a generic example, can use for most anything.)
  • Spread the word on VOTE411 This is a sample of a 4/page 2 sided bookmark that serves as a reminder to check VOTE411 and of important dates. Webpage links for your League go on the back. (Just a generic example, can use for most anything.)

Issue Reports on Relevant Topics

What issues are important to you and your members? You do not have to do a full Consensus/Concurrence Study. Simply get folks together to do an informal process to learn about a topic and then write up your report. Share your report with other Leagues here.

Special Event Ideas

Special Events include activities like “Sips & Civility”, “Game Nights”, “Hot Topic” get together, Watching documentaries together in someone’s home, etc. What ideas do you have?

Fund Raising Ideas

Fund Raising made fun! That is your goal. What activities can be utilized to make fund raising fun?
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