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Action Alerts & General Assembly Reports

Action Alerts

Action Alert #17-10 Veto Session

Action Alert #17-09 Call your legislators now.

Action Alert #17-08 Call your legislators: vote no on HB 1598 and SJ 223.

Action Alert #17-07 (addendum) Key Phone numbers

Action Alert #17-07 Last Appeal to P&E Committee

Action Alert #17-06 Contact your legislator.

Action Alert #17-05 Critical Votes

Action Alert #17-04a Felon's Right to Vote

Action Alert #17-04 Stop the School to Prison Pipeline

Action Alert #17-03 Children and Unsecured Guns

Action Alert #17-02 School Discipline

Action Alert #17-01  General Assembly to Convene

General Assembly Reports

2017-01-12 General Assembly Update Read Here

2015-02-20 General Assembly Report Update Read Here

2015-02-16 General Assembly Report Update Read Here

2015-02-01 General Assembly Report Read Here

Action and Advocacy Archives

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