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Action Alerts & General Assembly Reports

Action and Advocacy are an important part of what League does. Information is provided to member and the public on issues and steps people can take to be involved. This is particularly true during the Virginia Legislative Session and throughout the year for key national issues. National Issues can be found here:

Action Alerts

Action Alert #17-10 Veto Session

Action Alert #17-09 Call your legislators now.

Action Alert #17-08 Call your legislators: vote no on HB 1598 and SJ 223.

Action Alert #17-07 (addendum) Key Phone numbers

Action Alert #17-07 Last Appeal to P&E Committee

Action Alert #17-06 Contact your legislator.

Action Alert #17-05 Critical Votes

Action Alert #17-04a Felon's Right to Vote

Action Alert #17-04 Stop the School to Prison Pipeline

Action Alert #17-03 Children and Unsecured Guns

Action Alert #17-02 School Discipline

Action Alert #17-01  General Assembly to Convene

General Assembly Reports

2017-01-12 General Assembly Update Read Here

2015-02-20 General Assembly Report Update Read Here

2015-02-16 General Assembly Report Update Read Here

2015-02-01 General Assembly Report Read Here

Action and Advocacy Archives

To see those Action Alerts and Letters that are from previous years go to our Action & Advocacy Archives page [See Here}