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● From 1st VP, Linda Garvelink, Enhancing League Engagement: a lot of good details on what to expect at the 2017 LWV-VA Workshops! Some great things will be happening. Hope to see you there!
● Letter from President Sue Lewis with a response to events in Charlottesville.
● Fall Workshops: Agenda and 2017-2019 Study and Task Force Updates. Registration Form is on page 15.
● Local Leagues: Hands on in Their Communities. What some Local Leagues are doing to increase visibility and engagement with their communities.
● Local League News: Local League news and events.
● Integrity & Politics: A good review of where we are and where we need to continue working. This article is by Marian Currinder, Policy Director for Coalition for Integrity.
● International Affairs: League UN Observer Corps. From LWVFA member and LWVUS UN Observer, Jill Follows, here is information on what the UN Observer Corps is and what it does!
● The Innovative League: Sips & Civility. A do it yourself guide for Local Leagues.
● The Tech Corner: Managing Emails to make sure you get the information you need from LWV of Virginia.


August 2017 Voter Express
Voter Express, August 2017 (Click Image to Read)
● Announcement for our Fall Workshops: Brushing Up Your League Skills which will be held in Fredericksburg on Sept. 22nd.
● Around the League will provide you with information on some of the activities of our local leagues.
● A letter "From the President" (Sue Lewis) will fill you in on what the Board has been doing and the status of current activities such as the WLRT and The People's Debate.
● Why is it that people choose not to register to vote? Unearth some of the mysteries in this summary of a Pew Charitable Trusts article. The summary is titled: Understanding the Unregistered Voter.
● A calendar for the current month highlights some key activities for the month of August.

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