Testimony at the VSCC Hearing by Carol Noggle

Statement by Carol Noggle at VSCC Hearing:

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August 19th                August 20th

Re: Goals of the Virginia Crime Commission and objectives for legislation

Mr. Chairman and Members,

You have been given a mandate to establish urgent and vigorous action to prevent the deaths, the violent deaths, of Virginians by guns.

Accept this mantle of leadership and responsibility to take necessary steps to prevent violence and provide security. It will take energy and perseverance and compromise — maybe even daring action and new approaches.

Please proceed with unity against this violence and the fear of violence.

Fear – in our schools, at work, in churches, on the street, in neighborhoods, in homes –now prevails without effective changes for safety.

Partisanship and “drawing lines in the sand” are a waste of energy that can block the energy needed for finding solutions.

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in his State of the Union speech in 1941 that there are four essential Freedoms:

Freedom …of speech and expression

         Freedom… of worshipping in our own way

         Freedom…  from want…. And…

         Freedom from Fear. 

But I do not mean to focus on fear but on hope and on confidence in your leadership, your problem-solving skills, and your dedication that will yield solutions that are best for Virginians.

Resources: These sources of studies and data for decision-making by the Commission are offered as you proceed to make recommendations for legislation.

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New England Journal of Medicine:


Statistics from CDC


Carol Noggle

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