2020 LWV-VA Legislative Priorities

The LWV of Virginia Legislative Priorities are now available at https://lwv-va.org/action-advocacy/2020-lwv-va-legislative-priorities/ for long-term use.

Here is what you’ll find there: 

LWV-VA Legislative Priorities for Advocacy/Action in 2020

Planning for and predicting what will be the most vital issues for advocacy in an upcoming legislative session is very difficult. Historically, the LWV-VA Board proposes a set of priorities but those have often been adjusted and expanded when issues arise quickly and need significant advocacy and lobbying. Thus, this list is offered as a start to preparation for the 2020 General Assembly Session. Some items are more specific than others. We have a book full of LWV-VA Positions to apply to issues but more specific language for advocacy and lobbying on actual legislative proposals will need to be developed in order to be effective. We welcome your analysis and suggestions.

LWV-VA Legislative Team: Carol Noggle, Mary Crutchfield, Julia Tanner

  1. Voting Rights

    1. Support 100%right to vote [Constitutional Amendment for 2021-22]

    2. Assure continuation of Governor’s executive clemency authority to restore felons’ rights

  2. Election & Voter Protection

    1. Support funding and measures for integrity and security; State and Local level

    2. Support funding & measures for a perfect fail-proof process for online voter registration

    3. Support measures for proper counting of and on-time receipt of mailed in absentee ballots

    4. Increase eligible/valid photo IDs, e.g.out of state students

  3. Redistricting: Support Constitutional Amendment resolution passage in 2020

  4. Gun Violence Prevention/ Safety:

    1. Support universal background checks

    2. Support “Red Flag” laws

    3. Support strengthening Extreme Risk Protective Orders

    4. Support Child Access Prevention laws

    5. [See 2019 Special Session1 list of over 40 bills to analyze for support or opposition]

  5. Women’s Rights

    1. Support ratification of the ERA

    2. Support equal pay;[ [Oppose wage discrimination]

    3. Support right to reproductive choice [ See SB1637 by Sen Boysko for sample]

  6. Sexual Harassment – Support required in-person training at workplace [State/ private?]

  7. Education

    1. Support funding for school infrastructure

    2. Oppose public funding for private schools

    3. Oppose discriminatory and deleterious practices for discipline/behavior issues

    4. [Apply LWV-VA Education position on ‘Standards for School Climate” “Classrooms not Courtrooms”]

  8. Justice and Juvenile Justice

    1. Oppose discrimination [support rights] re LGBTQ community and many other special groups

    2. Eliminate cash bail; support measures to reduce confinement while awaiting trial

    3. Collect data on present use of bail

    4. Oppose additional mandatory minimum sentences

    5. Oppose discriminatory and deleterious practices for juvenile issues

  9. Immigration

    1. Support immigrant protection and resources for support

  10. Census: Support funding, outreach, education & personnel to ensure high participation

  11. Environment: See LWV-VA Positions to support or oppose germane issues

*Note These LWV-VA legislative priorities as of Sept.13, 2019 are not ranked and are subject to change

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