New Lawsuit Filed Seeking House Elections This November!

Graham Moomaw of the “Virginia Mercury” has reported there is a new federal lawsuit seeking new Virginia House of Delegates elections this year.  The case, Jeffrey Thomas, Jr. vs Susan Beals and Robert Brink, was filed Wednesday, June 8 by Jeff Thomas, a Virginia author of books on Virginia government and politics.  Susan Beals is Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Elections and Robert Brink is the Chairman of the Virginia Board of Elections. 

The federal court had ruled Monday that Paul Goldman lacked standing to sue over Virginia’s delayed redistricting process because his district was underpopulated when compared to the ideal district size.  Jeff Thomas’ Richmond-area district, however, was overpopulated, “potentially giving him a stronger claim his vote was illegally diluted by the state’s failure to complete redistricting on time.”  Thomas has asked for speedy consideration of his case, but there are still doubts whether election officials would have enough time to conduct Virginia House elections in November. 

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