LWV-VA Legislative Priorities for Advocacy/Action in 2020

Planning for and predicting what will be the most vital issues for advocacy in an upcoming legislative session is very difficult. Historically, the LWV-VA Board proposes a set of priorities but those have often been adjusted and expanded when issues arise quickly and need significant advocacy and lobbying. Thus, this list is offered as a start to preparation for the 2020 General Assembly Session. Some items are more specific than others. We have a book full of LWV-VA Positions to apply to issues but more specific language for advocacy and lobbying on actual legislative proposals will need to be developed in order to be effective. We welcome your analysis and suggestions.

LWV-VA Legislative Team: Carol Noggle, Mary Crutchfield, Julia Tanner

Voting & Elections

  • Same day registration & voting
  • No excuse absentee voting
  • Elections integrity and security
  • Fail-proof online voter registration
  • Proper counting and timely review of absentee ballots
  • Right sized polling places; fund where needed
  • Expand accepted IDs


  • Constitutional amendment & strong enabling legislation
    • Commission: transparent; diverse; avoid conflicts of interest
    • Criteria: contiguous & compact. Respect local municipal boundaries, communities of interest, & natural geographic boundaries. Comparable populations. No political favoritism. No dilution of racial or ethnic minority groups’ voting power

Gun Violence Prevention / Safety

  • Universal background checks
  • Strong Extreme Risk Protective Orders
  • Child Access Prevention laws
  • Strengthen protective orders
  • Strengthen state and local authority to regulate firearms in public spaces

Human Rights

  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Nondiscrimination; equal rights under law
  • Right to reproductive choice
  • In-person workplace harassment training


  • Sufficient public school funding, including infrastructure support
  • Nondiscriminatory, effective discipline practices

Criminal Justice

  • Alternatives to incarceration
  • Reduced confinement while awaiting trial
  • Bail data collection
  • Oppose additional mandatory minimum sentences; oppose cash bail Immigration
  • Immigrant protection and resources for support


  • Long range planning to protect critical environmental areas
  • Join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  • Acceptable air quality
  • Protection of water supplies
  • Oppose expanded oil and gas drilling in public waters off Virginia’s coasts

Looking Ahead

  • 100% right to vote
  • Transparency and ethics
  • Campaign finance reform
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