Redistricting remains an ongoing issue in Virginia. The League of Women Voters of Virginia has been very active in efforts to bring about a nonpartisan process for drawing legislative lines by a commission as described by the Redistricting Coalition of Virginia, formed in 2010 and of which LWV-VA is a member organization. LWV-VA has participated with the Coalition in educating and informing voters in Virginia about the importance of this issue. Following are press releases and statements, organized by year, about the topic in the current year and in years past.

Redistricting FAQ – Julia Tanner (Action Chair) & Deb Wake (President LWV-VA)



Come January, all 40 seats of its state Senate will be occupied by the same party that held the seats before the Nov. 3 elections. In the House of Delegates, only three of 100 districts will be represented by a candidate from a different party than the current office-holder, and all three were open-seat (i.e. no incumbent running) contests in northern Virginia. Read more of this article by Stephen Farnsworth in The Washington Post, by clicking here.

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For older Redistricting documents and information, please refer to our Action & Advocacy Archives page. [Click Here]

Other Resources for Redistricting Information

  • The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service (University of Virginia has an extensive collection of materials related to “Redistricting Virginia.” (This collection is no longer found on their website. Some information can be found in this document: Redistricting Virginia
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia: Division of Legislative Services: Redistricting 2010 website contains information about the process that resulted in this most recent redistricting. Web site no longer available.
  • VPAP (Virginia Public Access Project) Redistricting Portal.

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