Current League Action Priorities 

  • Promoting Social and Economic Justice, including restoration of equity in Virginia Policing, Sentencing, and the Virginia Prison System. Read more here about the League’s Justice Priorities for the Virginia General Assembly Special Session.
  • Redistricting constitutional amendment and enabling legislation
  • Secure Voting at Home systems, providing options for voters and supporting public health
  • Preclearance at the state level of practices restricted under the federal Voting Rights Act
  • Election integrity and security
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Environmental Reforms and Conservation
  • 100% Right to Vote constitutional amendment 



Understanding the Process: League Action and Advocacy

The League of Women Voters advocates on matters for which it has statements of Position. “Position” is determined by consensus of the members after thoughtful research and Study.

“Study” ordinarily includes two years of research and analysis by a dedicated committee.

Where are the League’s Positions?

Action Alerts. When legislation in the General Assembly addresses a topic about which LWV-VA has a Position, an “Action Alert” may call for members to contact their legislators. Recent past Action Alerts can be found here.

Contacting Legislators. When League members contact legislators, each of us speaks on our own behalf, as an individual. Members do not speak for the League. Only the LWV President or a designee may contact elected or government officials on behalf of the League.

Discussion Groups. LWV-VA members are invited to join statewide issue committees that gather virtually to share and learn about topics of interest. Educate, learn, and discuss news and advocacy. Learn more here, Sign Up at, and bookmark the resources menu

LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS DAY – Every year, LWV-VA holds a day of advocacy during the state legislative session. League members speak with their individual legislators. This event is often the first Wednesday of February. The League is often joined by additional nonpartisan educational organizations such as the AAUW. Check the LWV-VA Calendar page for information as it becomes available.

It is best to set up League Day meetings with your legislators’ offices in advance. Their contact information is available from the links on this page. Ask your Local League president or action chair if a member of your Local League is setting up group meetings with your area’s legislators for League Day. 

Advocacy Manual 

Provided by Virginia21, this manual provides a lot of useful information on how to do effective advocacy. Thank you Tim Cywinski for sharing with us.

Legislative Resouces

Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS)


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