Understanding the Process: League Action and Advocacy

Action Alerts. When legislation in the General Assembly addresses a topic about which LWV-VA has a Position, an “Action Alert” may call for members to contact their legislators. 

Contacting Legislators. When League members contact legislators, each of us speaks on our own behalf, as a constituent. Members do not speak for the League. Only the LWV President or a designee may contact elected or government officials on behalf of the League.

Issue Groups  LWV-VA members are invited to join statewide issue committees that gather virtually to share and learn about topics of interest. Educate, learn, and discuss news and advocacy. Learn more about issue groups here. For a handy reference, bookmark the resources menu. Meeting times can be found on the LWV-VA calendar. 

LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS DAY Every year, LWV-VA holds a day of advocacy during the state legislative session where League members come to Richmond to speak with their individual legislators. League Day is January 26, 2022, will be held virtually.

Set up League Day meetings with your legislators’ offices in advance. Their contact information is available here. If you do not know your state legislators’ names, look them up by entering your address at Ask your Local League president or action chair if a member of your Local League is setting up group meetings with your area’s legislators for League Day. 

Advocacy Manual 

Provided by Virginia21, this manual provides a great deal of useful information on how to do effective advocacy. Thank you Tim Cywinski for sharing with us.

Legislative Resouces

Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS)
   • Presentation shown at 2018 Pre-Session Event:
   • LIS User Guides:
Interim Studies & Commission Listings (subscribe to email notifications
An LWV-VA Advocacy Training is available at this link, at approx. 1:01.22.



2021 League Action Priorities

Click here for further explanation and Talking Points

  • SB 1245HB 1888 Help people access voting
        -> Convenient absentee ballot drop off
        -> Opportunity for absentee voters to correct procedural errors
        -> One page fact sheet
  • SJ 272 100% Right to Vote Constitutional Amendment will protect the right to vote so it is not taken away upon incarceration
       -> Letter to the Governor from LWV-VA president Deb Wake
       -> One page fact sheet



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