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PUBLIC COMMENT NEEDED TO CONTINUE VIRGINIA’S PARTICIPATION IN THE REGIONAL GREENHOUSE GAS INITIATIVE (RGGI). Click here for information on opposing the Repeal of the CO2 Trading Program. Deadline to comment is March 31, 2023.

Two Laws that May be Confused: RGGI and ZEV


We celebrate passage the of HB1948 removing the barrier of a witness requirement for absentee ballots. Because this barrier especially affected those living alone, elderly or voters with disabilities, the LWV-VA sued to waive the requirement during the pandemic so that voters weren’t forced to choose between their health or their right to vote. Once the medical emergency was lifted, we continued to advocate for a change in the law so that voters who wish to cast a private ballot by mail can do so.

The passage of this bill was a huge win for the voting rights of Virginians, who will have greater access to the ballot starting July 1, when the law goes into effect. 

Click here to thank your legislator for supporting HB 1948.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are represented by Senators: Ebbins, Howell, Marsden or McPike, they did not vote in support of HB 1948. Send them a note instead thanking them for supporting SJ223 that would have automatically restored the right to vote to those released from prison. While SJ223 died in a House Privileges and Elections subcommittee, it was priority legislation for the League.





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