The League of Women Voters of Virginia (LWV-VA) want to thank the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, legislators, and all of the community groups for their votes and support of Medicaid expansion in the biennial budget.   This action increases access to affordable health care for about 400,000 hard-working Virginians.  Some of the other effects are:

  1. Salary increases for K-12 employees, deputy sheriffs, and state employees
  2. Funds  to higher education institutes to increase the number of degrees in the STEM fields
  3.  Significant increases in support for improvements in behavioral health which is in a crisis in the Commonwealth:
    1.  Reduce overcrowding at state mental facilities,
    2. Allow same-day access to all Community Service Boards (CSBs) for people in a behavioral health crisis
    3. Provide for primary care outpatient screenings at CSBs.


A committee of LWV-VA has recently updated our position on Mental Health (now more appropriately called Behavioral Health).  This position will be presented to the delegates for approval at LWV-VA Council on June 16. The committee is glad that Medicaid expansion will moderate some of the challenges facing the Commonwealth.

Linda Rice
Chair, LWV-VA Study Committee on Behavioral Health


2017 Workshop Materials

Presentation: Behavioral and Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatments

Handout: What You Can Do

Handout: General Mental Health Facts


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