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New Policies

Saturday, May 18th

Opening Plenary Session
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion” – Susan Carty, LWV National Board Liaison
      • No handouts are available.

Diversity: Why and How to Be Inclusive” – Christy Coleman, CEO, The American Civil War Museum
      • No handouts are available.

Breakout Sessions

2:30-3:30 p.m.

“Innovation & Infrastructure” – Jim Spore
“Women’s Rights” – Alison Beall, LWVRMA, Marni Pilafian, LWVRMA
“Redistricting Reform: Now to 2021” – Rebecca Green

3:45-4:45 p.m.

“Election Security & Integrity” – Joan Porte, LWVARL, Walt Latham
“Seeing Sea Level Rise from Ground Zero” – Skip Styles
“Grab Bag of Hot Button Issues” – Carol Noggle, LWVPWA, Valarie Fillgrove, LWVRMA, Mary Crutchfield, LWVRMA
      • No handouts are available.

Saturday Banquet
“Our Second Democratic Crisis” Rachel Bitecofer, Ph.D., Christopher Newport University, Wason Center for Public Policy
      • No handouts are available.

Caucuses (15 minutes after banquet)
Women’s Rights/Sexual Harassment Position” – Alison Beall, LWVRMA, MarniPilafian, LWVRMA
      • No handouts are available.

Centennial Celebration Brainstorming” – Lynn Johnston, LWVRMA, Cathie Braman, LWVRMA

      • No handouts are available.
Operating Fund & Education Fund Budgets” – Debbie Combest, LWVFRA
      • No handouts are available.
“Recommended Program” – Anne Smith, LWVWA

Sunday, May 19th

7:30-8:15 a.m. League Management Workshops
Let’s Talk About People: Communications, DEI, & Engagement” – Beth Tudan, LWVFA
      • No handouts are available.
It’s All About the Money: Fund-Raising” – Joan Porte, LWVARL
Partnerships & Coalitions” – Deb Wake, Director LWV-VA

Closing Plenary Session
Defending Democracy on All Levels” Ron Carlee, DPA, Old Dominion University 

Special Post-Convention Session – LWVSHRSession
Meet the Rising Tide” hosted by LWV of South Hampton Roads.
      • Check with LWVSHR for any handouts. Hopefully, they will be put on their website and a link can go here.

Other Handouts

GWCF (Greater Washington Community Foundation) Grant Samples


Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Luncheon
LWV-VA 2019 Convention, Luncheon Speaker, Christy Coleman

LWV-VA 2019 Convention, Luncheon Speaker, Christy Coleman

Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Night (Banquet)
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