Pledge to be Counted!


April 1, 2020, marks the kickoff of the 2020 Census. This process of counting will ensure that the political power, health, and safety of every community is maintained or enhanced in the upcoming decade.

But communities that don’t get fully counted in 2020 will miss out for the next ten years. NOW is the time to get involved.
The Census counts. So do you. Pledge to be counted and to educate your community about the importance of the 2020 Census.
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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Pass Sensible Gun Laws


It’s time to stop the violence. Legislation with common sense solutions to prevent gun violence will protect our children, our citizens and help restore our public confidence. Tell Congress to move forward with common sense gun legislation.
Add your voice to that of the millions of children, parents and concerned Americans calling on Congress to move legislation that ends the gun violence that is plaguing our nation. Some of the proposed solutions include closing the gun show loophole, increasing penalties for straw purchases of guns, banning assault weapons, placing limits on high capacity ammunition magazines, and funding research to report on gun violence in America.
Curbing gun violence is a critical matter of public safety and public health. Tell Congress this issue is too important to ignore any longer and that common-sense solutions to gun violence will save lives.

Go to this webpage to get the information you need to contact your elected officials

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Some Guidelines on Adding Presidential Candidate Info to Your Voters’ Guides

Presidential General Election Voters’ Guide

In collaboration with some wonderful League volunteers from Maryland, LWVEF has again asked the candidates running for President to provide answers to some of the most pressing public policy questions. Those candidates that meet LWVEF’s criteria have been invited to participate in this activity. Thanks to input from League members across the country we have also included a question specifically designed for low literacy publications for the first time. The LWVEF Board is happy to have again undertaken this crucial voters’ service project.

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