Building Blocks of Democracy

A chance meeting, at the commemoration of 400 years of Representative Democracy, was the genesis of a collaboration between League of Women Voters of Virginia and Norfolk State University. Virginia Tech Center for Leadership & Service Learning and Campus Vote rounded out the team. Our goal was to examine voting rights and redistricting and their impact on democracy and who is represented. We also wanted to lift up student voices and why voting is important.

The videos feature Dr. Eric W. Claville, director of the Center for African American Public Policy in the College of Liberal Arts at Norfolk State University and were produced and edited by Mr. Lateef Gibson of the College of Liberal Arts at Norfolk State University.

Promotional video

19th Amendment video

1965 Voting Rights Act video

Virginia Redistricting Commission video

Full video with 1965 VRA, Women’s Suffrage and Redistricting

Student videos: Vote and Make Your Voice Heard

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