Virginia Voter, September 2023

Virginia Voter, September 2023

President’s Message


Legislative Priorities
Disability Voting Rights Week
Oral History Project
Virginia Student Voting Summit
Voter Service on Campus
Student Internships
Help Update Vote411
Membership Committee Needs You
Observing the Polls
“The Janes”
September 2023 Calendar
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Virginia Voter, August 2023

Virginia Voter, August 2023

President’s Message: Women’s Equality?

LWV-VA Board and Off Board Members, 2023

LWV Advocacy: Speaking Up, Speaking Out

LWVUS: Contact Your Congress People

Focus on Local League: LWV of Fredericksburg Area

Get Involved: State Committees Now Forming

LWV Health Care Issues Group: Help the League Improve Healthcare Access and Health Equity

Issue Groups: Which Issue Calls to You?

Reproductive Health: Tell Us Your Story

Convention Follow-up: History of Virginia Constitution

Upcoming Election Dates

Partner Organization: Virginia NOW bus to Seneca Falls

Important Dates in August

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Virginia Voter, July 2023

Virginia Voter, July 2023

President’s Message: Happy Summer – Happy New Fiscal Year for the League!

LWV-VA Convention News: Biennial Conference mixes business with fascinating speakers

LWV-VA Convention News: Convention Well Done!

LWV-US National Council News: Aim for the Moon!

Program Planning: Registering and Educating Voters is What We Do

Toolkit for Forming New Leagues

Local League Highlight: LWV-RMA: Focus on Engaged Leaguers

Partner Highlight: Virginia Coalition for Open Government: Transparency in Government

ERA Centennial Convention

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Virginia Voter, June 2023

Virginia Voter, June 2023

President’s Message: We Have Much to Celebrate!

2023 Board Candidates

Partner News – Equality Virginia: Pride Update

Partner News – Moms Demand Action: Wear Orange 2023 – June 2-4

Juneteenth Presentation – How Mis- and Dis- Information Targets People of Color

Voting and Elections Issue Group: Know Before You Vote

Issue Group News: The Child Care Issue Group Wants YOU!

Local League Highlight: LWV-Fredricksburg Area

Be A LWVUS Lobby Corps Volunteer


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Virginia Voter, May 2023

Virginia Voter, May 2023

President’s Message: Be an Informed Voter

41st Biennial Convention

Submitting a Resolution

Slate of Candidates

What Are Your Gifts?

Partner News – The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis – Status Report: What’s Happening With Virginia’s Budget

Issue Group News: Virginia Criminal Justice System Begins to Acknowledge Mental Illness

Juneteenth Presentation: How Mis- and Dis- Information Targets People of Color

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Virginia Voter, April 2023

Virginia Voter, April 2023

President’s Message: The Right to Vote

41st Biennial LWV-VA Convention: Preserving Democracy in the 21st Century

LWV-VA Board 2023-2025 Slate of Candidates

Partner News: Sistas in Prison Reform: 

Determination to Help Loved Ones – Also Helps Others

Dramatic increase in Book Banning Across the United States

Environmental News: Watch out for two-horned Trapa

Partner News: The Arc of Virginia: Moving from Awareness to Acceptance

Housing Forum

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Virginia Voter, March 2023

Virginia Voter, March 2023

President’s Message: Victory for Voters

Join the Board

Advocacy News:True Success 2023

41st Biennial LWV-VA Convention theme: Preserving Democracy in the 21st Century

Partner Update: RepresentWomen: Why We Must Build Women’s Political Power

SAVE THE DATE: “Dismantling Virginia’s Housing Segregation Legacy Brick by Brick” Forum. Click here to register.

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Virginia Voter, January 2023

President’s Message: My Abortion

Advocacy News: Prepare Now for League Day

WLRT Schedule

Nominating Committee: A Note from the LWV-VA Nominating Committee

Partner Update from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters: Building on Climate Action in the 2023 General Assembly Session

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VIRGINIA VOTER, November 2022

Virginia Voter, November 2022

President’s Message: Happy 102nd Birthday to Us!

First Vice President: It’s Time for Pre-Session!

Advocacy: Wednesdays = Women’s Legislative Roundtables and League Day!

Poll Worker Survey

Voting and Elections Issue Group: Virginia – One of Three States That Mandate Risk-Limiting Audits (RLAs)

Nominating Committee: Time of Transition for LWV-VA State Board 

Program Director: What Is Consensus?

First Vice President: LWV-VA 2023 Convention

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