March Virginia Voter

The Virginia Voter

Hot off the presses” is your copy of the Virginia Voter.

In this issue you will find: 

  • Secret Agents of Change
  • Your Help Needed in the Push for Redistricting
  • Virginia General Assembly: February 2020; Pre-Crossover,  Crossover and Post-Crossover
  • League Day Recap
  • Save the Date for LWV-VA Council!
  • What Sparks Political Activity?
  • March 3 President Primary FAQ
  • Report on Human Rights Legislation in this Year’s General Assembly Session
  • Join the Celebration!
  • Deaf History Month March 13th – April 15th.
  • Some Special Photos from This Legislative Session
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LWV-VA September 2019 Virginia Voter

The September issue of LWV-VA Virginia Voter is not the only thing packed with a lot of important information!

Time is quickly running out for registering for the 2019 LWV-VA Leadership Workshops and there will be a lot of great presentations and networking going on! Last day to Register is Sept. 6th. Do not miss this chance to empower and energize yourself as we move into time for Elections and the Legislative Session. Read more and register for Workshops at

In This Issue of the Virginia Voter:

Call for Nominations for the 2020-22 LWVUS Board and Nominating Committee  LWVUS

This is what Democracy Looks Like  Deb Wake,  President, LWV-VA

LWV VA Fall Workshop – Get Ready for Action Joan Porte, 1st Vice President, LWV-VA

2019 Women’s Equality Day Events  Julia Tanner, Action Coordinator, LWV-VA 

New Logo and Website  Carol Lindstrom, Webmaster, LWV-VA 

New Voter Service Documents Available On LWV-VA Website!  Kathy Matusiak, LWVAR

LWV-VA President Deb Wake Testifies at VSCC  Deb Wake,  President. LWV-VA

Testimony to VSCC 8/20/19, Morgan Johns , LWVRMA

VSCC Testimony: Carol Noggle, Carol Noggle, LWVPWA

LWV was well represented at the Democracy Forum, Mary Ann Moxon, LWVWA

Visibility Matters, Carolyn Caywood, Facebook, LWV-VA

Thoughts on Representative Democracy . . . and Women, Kit Murph McNally, LWVCVA

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact: The Electoral
College & the Compact
, Pamela Berg, LWVAR

LWVUS Volunteer Lobby Corps – Report for August
, Jackie Coolidge, Chair, Volunteer Lobby Corps LWVUS


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