Virginia Voter, August 2023

Virginia Voter, August 2023

President’s Message: Women’s Equality?

LWV-VA Board and Off Board Members, 2023

LWV Advocacy: Speaking Up, Speaking Out

LWVUS: Contact Your Congress People

Focus on Local League: LWV of Fredericksburg Area

Get Involved: State Committees Now Forming

LWV Health Care Issues Group: Help the League Improve Healthcare Access and Health Equity

Issue Groups: Which Issue Calls to You?

Reproductive Health: Tell Us Your Story

Convention Follow-up: History of Virginia Constitution

Upcoming Election Dates

Partner Organization: Virginia NOW bus to Seneca Falls

Important Dates in August

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Virginia Voter, July 2023

Virginia Voter, July 2023

President’s Message: Happy Summer – Happy New Fiscal Year for the League!

LWV-VA Convention News: Biennial Conference mixes business with fascinating speakers

LWV-VA Convention News: Convention Well Done!

LWV-US National Council News: Aim for the Moon!

Program Planning: Registering and Educating Voters is What We Do

Toolkit for Forming New Leagues

Local League Highlight: LWV-RMA: Focus on Engaged Leaguers

Partner Highlight: Virginia Coalition for Open Government: Transparency in Government

ERA Centennial Convention

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Virginia Voter, June 2023

Virginia Voter, June 2023

President’s Message: We Have Much to Celebrate!

2023 Board Candidates

Partner News – Equality Virginia: Pride Update

Partner News – Moms Demand Action: Wear Orange 2023 – June 2-4

Juneteenth Presentation – How Mis- and Dis- Information Targets People of Color

Voting and Elections Issue Group: Know Before You Vote

Issue Group News: The Child Care Issue Group Wants YOU!

Local League Highlight: LWV-Fredricksburg Area

Be A LWVUS Lobby Corps Volunteer


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Virginia Voter, May 2023

Virginia Voter, May 2023

President’s Message: Be an Informed Voter

41st Biennial Convention

Submitting a Resolution

Slate of Candidates

What Are Your Gifts?

Partner News – The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis – Status Report: What’s Happening With Virginia’s Budget

Issue Group News: Virginia Criminal Justice System Begins to Acknowledge Mental Illness

Juneteenth Presentation: How Mis- and Dis- Information Targets People of Color

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Virginia Voter, April 2023

Virginia Voter, April 2023

President’s Message: The Right to Vote

41st Biennial LWV-VA Convention: Preserving Democracy in the 21st Century

LWV-VA Board 2023-2025 Slate of Candidates

Partner News: Sistas in Prison Reform: 

Determination to Help Loved Ones – Also Helps Others

Dramatic increase in Book Banning Across the United States

Environmental News: Watch out for two-horned Trapa

Partner News: The Arc of Virginia: Moving from Awareness to Acceptance

Housing Forum

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Virginia Voter, January 2023

President’s Message: My Abortion

Advocacy News: Prepare Now for League Day

WLRT Schedule

Nominating Committee: A Note from the LWV-VA Nominating Committee

Partner Update from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters: Building on Climate Action in the 2023 General Assembly Session

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Virginia Voter, December 2022

President’s Message: Putting Yourself in the Place of Others

Pre-Session is Wed., Dec 7 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Advocacy: Prepare Now for League Day

Issue Group Update from Voting & Elections: Restoration of Rights Project

Partner Update from VA NOW: The ERA and Roe–Partner Life Rafts

Issue Group Update from Environment: LWVSHR & RGGI, a Tale of Collaboration

Local League News: LWV-WC is Small But Mighty

Partner News from The Arc of Northern Virginia: Voting While Disabled

Important Dates in December


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VIRGINIA VOTER, November 2022

Virginia Voter, November 2022

President’s Message: Happy 102nd Birthday to Us!

First Vice President: It’s Time for Pre-Session!

Advocacy: Wednesdays = Women’s Legislative Roundtables and League Day!

Poll Worker Survey

Voting and Elections Issue Group: Virginia – One of Three States That Mandate Risk-Limiting Audits (RLAs)

Nominating Committee: Time of Transition for LWV-VA State Board 

Program Director: What Is Consensus?

First Vice President: LWV-VA 2023 Convention

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Virginia Voter, October 2022

President’s Message: The Real Threat to Our Democracy

Take Our Poll: Election Participation Poll

Learn more about: Same Day Voter Registration

Join an Issue Group or Task Force

Legislative Priorities

Event: The Virginia Budgetary Process – 101 with Sen. Janet Howell and Del. Vivian Watts

From Domestic Violence Issue Group: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

From Reproductive Health Issue Group: Reproductive Health is our newest Issue Group!

From Mis/Disinformation Task Force: Mis/Disinformation Task Force hold virtual trainings

From Broadband Issue Group: New Isue Group Explores Broadband Access for all Virginians: Volunteers Needed

Local League Highlight: Lynchburg – Dedication of Suffrage Trail Marker at Randolph College

Event: Challenge Racism: A Series of DEI Events

Important Dates in October

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