Your donation to the League of Women Voters of Virginia helps us to provide many services. Registering Voters, educating citizens about issues and candidates, and learning more about how government works are just some of the important work that we do. Candidate forums/debates help bring citizens and candidates together in a non-partisan setting where candidates respond to questions about issues. VOTE411 helps to make information about candidates and issues readily available to all.

*Advocacy: Pleading for or against causes and making policy recommendations. Advocacy is about speaking out on issues, not bills or ballot measures. (EX: A community forum, letter to the editor, or legislative office visit about the importance of redistricting reform as an idea are all examples of advocacy.)
Tax Deductible
Your contribution to the League of Women Voters of Virginia Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) will be tax deductible. These funds support educational and voter service activities.
501(c)(3): A tax exempt, nonprofit organization devoted to charitable, educational, etc. purposes which has no limits on its advocacy* and that can engage in lobbying as long as the lobbying** activities do not consist of a “substantial part” of its overall activities (up to 20% of annual expenditures). These organizations cannot support or oppose political candidates or parties. Member dues and donations are tax deductible. (The League of Women Voters’ of Virginia “Ed Fund” is a 501(c)3.)


**Lobbying: Lobbying can be direct (i.e., to a legislator or government staff) or grassroots (i.e., asking members to take a specific action) and involves action on specific legislation or ballot measures. (EX: Testimony at legislative meetings meant to sway a vote and/or action alerts asking members to contact their legislators in support or opposition of a specific bill or to vote for or against ballot measure is

Not Tax Deductable
Your contribution to the League of Women Voters Virginia General Fund, a 501(c)(4) will not be tax deductible. These funds are used to support action priorities.
501(c)(4): A tax exempt, nonprofit organization that promotes social welfare and has no limits placed on its advocacy* and lobbying** activities. Member dues & donations are not tax deductible. (League of Women Voters of Virginia is a 501(c)4.)

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