A recognized force in molding political leaders, shaping public policy and promoting informed citizen participation.”
—League of Women Voters of the U.S.

September 24, 2019

Dear Fellow League Member:

As we stand on the precipice of a second century of empowering voters and defending democracy, I am pleased to write to you on this National Voters Registration Day.

The birth of the League of Women Voters followed seventy-five years of labor by our suffragist forebears, who never failed to overcome any roadblock to freedom, no matter how daunting or dangerous. Nearly 100 years later, we face new and different threats to democracy. We must continue to move the arc of history forward in a way that honors their courage and commitment. We are the keepers of their legacy and we must not let their banners fall.

League members register thousands of voters, provide nonpartisan ballot information empowering voters, fight voter discrimination, and advocate for safe, fair, and secure elections. You are key to this work.

Last Legislative session, the League’s work helped achieve triumphs including passage of initial fair redistricting legislation by the Virginia General Assembly. In 2018, the League was instrumental in getting dedicated funding for Metro passed. Our research and advocacy have excellent track records and we will apply these to achieve successful passage of legislative priorities:

  • Voting Rights
  • Election Security & Voter Protection
  • Fair Redistricting
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Women’s Rights and Equal Rights Amendment Ratification
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice
  • Justice for Refugees
  • Responsible Stewardship of Natural Resources

This past weekend, the League of Women Voters of Virginia held a workshop that filled our advocacy toolkits with lessons on:

  • The mechanics of GOTV (Getting Out The Vote),
  • The need for a Complete Count in the 2020 Census,
  • How we can beat back gerrymandering and bring about Fair Redistricting in Virginia,
  • The importance of Affordable Housing and how to overcome inequities in the housing system that still discriminates against people of color.


Your donations made it possible for members to attend regardless of financial situation.

In addition to our advocacy work, League members are out in our communities and in high schools, working to register every eligible voter and getting them to vote! We are glad to support these efforts with tools and events that expand our impact. This year we are striving to reach more students in more high schools across the state in support of the Governor’s Challenge to register 65% of eligible high school voters.

Your contributions to the League of Women Voters of Virginia support:

  • Our popular legislative pre-session, held in December, bringing together more than twenty partner organizations—from the Voter Registrar Association of Virginia to OneVirginia2021—to share their legislative priorities and forecasts in one of the educational events that distinguish the League as a leader in informed advocacy.
  • Holding weekly Women’s Legislative Roundtables when the Virginia General Assembly is in session, keeps members and partners up-to-date on legislation and issues and allows sharing of information.
  • The formation of new Leagues across the state increasing our community outreach and voter education.
  • Candidate information found in VOTE411.org giving voters the opportunity to read responses to issues they care about and to make informed voting choices.

None of this will happen without your support, however. Our network of local Leagues and partner organizations are expanding across the state. We are able to reach new populations and we are taking advantage of new technologies and training and mentoring new members. This is exciting! And it costs money. Without your financial contribution, we will not be able to continue our work and Democracy will grow weaker. I am asking you to make a financial donation on this important day.

Your gift will help support voter empowerment, education, and advocacy through the forums we host, the printing of outreach materials, and purchase of IT tools. For example:

  • $50 will pay for 147 stamps to send postcards to inform voters of elections
  • $140 will print materials to leave with lawmakers on League Day
  • $500 will purchase 4000 GOTV postcards
  • $2020 will support the costs of League Day at the General Assembly and commemorate the anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Any amount you can give, however, will keep our efforts strong. We appreciate your past gifts for our programs and activities and hope you will consider supporting the League’s work at this exciting time with an additional contribution.

Your gifts will make it possible for us to realize new goals:

  • Providing a televised candidate debate in 2020
  • Holding Voting Rights forums across the state
  • Creating a library of training videos

Please give here now: https://lwv-va.org/donate/

If you prefer to send a check, make it payable to “LWV-VA Education Fund” if you would like your gift to be tax-deductible, or to “LWV-VA” if you would like to give to the operating fund.  Checks may be mailed to

LWV-VA Treasurer
148 Castle Hill Drive
Fredericksburg, VA  22406 .

We are nearly 100 years strong and with your support, we will continue to empower voters and defend democracy for another 100 years.

With warmest thanks,

Deb Wake

P.S. Invite a friend, two, or three to join the fight by joining your local League.

The League remains committed to neither supporting nor opposing candidates, as we remain focused on a nonpartisan pursuit of our primary goals of registering, educating, and advocating.

(Printable version of the letter can be found here: Letter from President Deb Wake

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