Proposed Rules for Convention

Proposed Convention Rules & Procedures

A motion to adopt these rules will be made at the opening plenary session. Amendments may be offered at this time and require a majority vote of delegates present to adopt. The rules, as proposed or amended, require a two-thirds vote of the delegates present for adoption.

  1. Only accredited delegates representing local Leagues of the state and Members At Large (MALs)* and the Inter-League Organization (ILO) and LWV-VA Board members may vote.
  2. Only accredited delegates and those authorized by the chair may address the Convention.
  3. In debate, no person shall speak more than once on a motion until all others who wish to speak have done so. No person shall speak more than twice on the same motion. Debate shall be limited to two minutes per speaker unless other procedural limits take precedence.
  4. Speakers shall use virtual hand raise and when called on, announce their names and Leagues when addressing the Convention.
  5. Only motions and amendments to motions will be written into the chat box on Zoom–with the exception of Points of Order.
  6. Copies of the credential reports will be filed with the secretary.
  7. Refer to bylaws for quorum (Article VII, Section 6): Thirty percent of the possible number of voting delegates other than the members of the state board shall constitute a quorum provided that a majority of local Leagues are represented. 
  8. After approval of the Readers’ Committee, the minutes of the Convention shall be received by the LWV-VA board no later than September 1, 2021.
  9. Voting procedures during Plenary Sessions will use the raise hand feature. The Elections Committee is responsible for reporting the results to the President.
  10. Only announcements that relate to the business of the Convention or the welfare of the participants shall be made. Announcements shall be made only by persons designated to do so. 
  11. All attendees  shall be muted unless recognized  to speak during Plenary, workshops and caucuses.
  12. Refer to the LWV-VA bylaws for Program Adoption (Article X. Section 3):  a. LWV-VA committees and task forces, local League boards, and voting members of the LWV-VA may make recommendations for new issues for study, amendment or elimination of current LWV-VA positions, or concurrence with a new support position. Recommendations must be submitted to the state board at least three months before convention or council. b. Any such League board, LWV-VA study committee, task force or voting member shall send to the board accompanying background information on the issue proposed for study, concurrence, amendment or action, including the timing, need and importance of the issue for study or action, and the rationale for seeking the proposed form of obtaining member agreement. c. The board shall consider all properly submitted recommendations and formulate a proposed program, which shall be sent to the presidents of local Leagues and ILOs and to the chairs of member-at-large units at least four weeks before convention or, if the board recommends, the council. d. The convention or council shall adopt or amend the program proposed by the board by a majority vote of those present and voting. e. A program recommendation properly submitted by the 5 deadline but not proposed by the board may be adopted by the convention only if its consideration is ordered by a majority vote of the convention and the proposal receives approval by a three-fifths vote of the convention delegates present and voting at a subsequent session of the same meeting. 
  13. To suspend a Rule , a two-thirds vote of delegates present is required.
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