LWV-VA Affordable Housing Study 2020-2021

This is the support page for the 2020-2021 Affordable Housing Study.
As the study progresses, important links, documents, reports, etc. pertaining to the study will be added here. Watch for updates!

 A Brief Story of Housing Segregation in the U.S and Virginia: History and Impact, October 2021

Affordable Housing Report Study, January 2021

6. Public Housing and Zoning Laws – Excerpt from Housing Segregation and Racial Disparities’ Report

Excerpt from Housing Segregation Report, January 2021

Part IV – African American Neighborhoods and Businesses Destroyed – Excerpt from Housing Segregation Report

The GAP – A Shortage of Affordable Homes

National Low income Housing Coalition 2019 Out of Reach Report for Virginia

Fredericksburg Senior Aff Hsg Study – Feb 2019

Survey summary of US and LWV States’ with housing positions

LWV-VA Housing Study Outline and Timeline – Rev Nov 2019

Additional Homelessness Research

Virginia Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Fact Sheet on Permanent Supportive Housing

Virginia Dept. of Housing and Community Development 2018-2019 Homeless Report

“Housing the North Shenandoah Valley: Analysis of Trends and Projections” prepared by Housing Virginia and the VCU Center for Urban and Regional Analysis

Regional and Local Housing Studies in Virginia v2

Virginia Local Leagues Housing Positions Summary


AHS Consensus Questions for Local Leagues

The State of Permanent Supportive Housing in Virginia 2015 by the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness (now part of the Virginia Housing Alliance)

Additional research on evictions and rental housing

“Connecting Housing and Health in the Williamsburg Region” by Housing Virginia 


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