Convention Policies and Procedures


Resolutions, other than of a courtesy nature, may be offered by any registered delegate to an LWV-VA state Convention. Delegates are strongly encouraged to submit proposed resolutions together with background material at least three weeks prior to the start of Convention. To learn more about how this is done, how the procedure works and what a sample resolution looks like, Click Here.



Concurrence is the act of agreeing with or concurring with a statement or position. A decision-making technique used by the League for some time, concurrence can work in several ways. Groups of League members or League boards can concur with (1) recommendations of a resource committee, task force or unit group; (2) decision statements formulated by League boards; or (3) positions reached by another League or Leagues. To read more about the process and procedures Click Here.



In order to ensure a convention is run fairly and in order, some basic rules need to be adopted at the beginning of the event so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and those of others. To look at a suggested set of rules and procedures, Click Here.



There are accepted rules of parliamentary procedures to follow in conducting a formal meeting or convention. These rules are extensive and detailed. To read a brief overview of the frequently needed procedure, Click Here.
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