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Best Practices for GOTV – On the LWV Texas website is this page with links to handouts, tutorials, power points and data sources all on the topic of “Get Out The Vote”. Main topics:

  • Voter Education Best Practices
  • Voter Mobilization Best Practices
  • Engaging Target Populations


From LWV-VA.

Northern  Virginia “ Grant Working Group”

The following documents were developed by the Northern  Virginia “GWCF Grant Working Group”: LWV of Arlington, LWV of Fairfax Area, LWV of Loudoun County and LWV of Prince William Area with grant money provided by the Greater Washington Community Foundation (GWCF).  Each of the pieces was professionally designed and approved by LWVUS.  The purpose of the grant is to help LWV NOVA local Leagues reach low participation voters in under-served areas, but they also function well for outreach to all voters.  Although the Grant money may not be used to provide printed materials to any local Leagues other than the 4 NOVA local Leagues, the working group developed PDFs that all LWV-VA local Leagues may download and print.  

The new logo will be out at the end of August and at that point, only printed materials with the new logo will meet LWV approval. All cards printed prior to the release of the new logo can still be used after the new logo arrives.

    • Walkcards:
    • GOTV postcard, this PDF is a nice get-out-the-vote postcard designed to work for primaries and for the general elections.  It does not have any specific information on it, but it has a place for local Leagues to enter the election date.  In recent elections, GOTV postcard writing “parties” hosted by local Leagues have proven to be very popular.  This card has a nice professional design that is flexible for volunteers to write their GOTV messages.  Postcard postage is all that is required to mail this card.
        • NOTE: This is set up to print one copy at a time as if printing to postcard-sized card stock. If you wish to print multiple copies on one sheet of paper, then cut apart, that will have to be designed by or for you.

USPS specifications for postcard sizes and paper weight:

  • US Postal Service Standard Postcard Size
  • The US Postal Service defines postcards as having a maximum and minimum size and a maximum and minimum thickness. The following table gives the specifications in both inches and millimeters (cm dimensions can be calculated by dividing mm by 10)
Size Length x Height (in) Length x Height (mm) Thickness (in) Thickness (mm)
Maximum 6.0 x 4.25 in 152.4 x 107.9 mm 0.016 in 0.406 mm
Minimum 5.0 x 3.5 in 127.0 x 88.9 mm 0.007 in 0.178 mm
  • The thickness specifications for the US postcard equates to a basis weight of 39lb to 105lb bond stock, 55lb to 145lb cover stock (card stock) or 145gsm to 390gsm.
  • The Disabilities bookmark card provide concise voting information for disabled voters.  It was designed with the help of a mother of a disabled voter.  It has three bookmarks per 8 1/2 x 11″ page.  It is two pages with front and back on each page.
  • This file contains 2 sets of 2 pages each front and back sides.

The Grant Working Group recommends that each of these GOTV pieces is printed on card stock paper.

The Working Group members are Kathy Matusiak, LWVARL; Sidney Johnson, LWVFA; Joanne McAlpine, LWVLC; Carol Proven, LWVPWA; and  Maggi Luca & Linda Garvelink, LWV-VA. 

(Images have been removed pending update of VOTE411 logo)

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