Officer & Board Duties

Carrying out the work of the League is a major endeavor that requires many volunteers to get the job done. The Leagues’ officers set policy, establish policy, determine direction and programs, and otherwise keep the organization “Making Things Happen” as it moves forward. Click on the appropriate job description to view the specific duties.

Officer & Director Job Descriptions are just some of the things that can be found in the 2015 Board Member Handbook

(Please note that this copy was being rewritten by Pres. Lois Page and there are sections where LWVFA has been used in place of LWV-VA. The bulk of the materials are still consistent with LWV-VA Board requirements.)

2015 Board Book

Normally this is revised every 2 years with the arrival of a new board. This was not done in 2017. It is a very large file and will take time to load. Please be patient.

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