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Suffragists in Virginia History

Trace the steps of these trailblazing women through Richmond, Virginia where they fought for woman’s suffrage: Anna Bodeker, Adele Goodman Clark, Lila Meade Valentine, and Maggie L. Walker.

A special thanks to The Valentine, Library of Virginia, and Virginia Museum of History and Culture (formerly Virginia Historical Society) for assisting in curating images and filming artifacts.

We Are The League of Women Voters

The Success of Democracy doesn’t depend on a few persons who do great things, but on many persons who do small things faithfully…

A Transformational Journey: Part 1

A Transformational Journey: Part 2

This is a critical time in our democracy and a time of opportunity for the League of Women Voters. Today, the organization is exploring a transformation that will support our work and make a lasting impact on our democracy. At Council 2017, League leaders explored why we have these transformational objectives, how we will work together to achieve them, and how we will all define and own the steps forward.

Engaging Millennials in our Elections – Jennifer Lawless

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