Make a special donation to our League and receive one of these gifts from the League of Women Voters of Virginia

Shining A Light On Democracy

Package of 1 flashlight: Recommended donation of $10.25

Package of 2 flashlights: Recommended donation of $18.50

Order as many as you wish but price is based upon 1 or 2 per package, as shipping and handling are included.



Recommended donation of $5.00 per pen. Shipping and Handling is based upon quantity ordered:

Shipping & Handling:

1-5 pens add $2.50 Shipping & Handling
6-10 pens add $3.50 Shipping & Handling
11-15 pens add $4.50 Shipping & Handling

For larger orders contact the LWV-VA Treasurer, .

Help spread the light and order your flashlight or flashlight pen today! Submit your order specifying the item and quantities desired, and then send your check (be sure to include shipping for the Flashlight Pens in your total), payable to LWV-VA Education Fund, to:

Elaine Head
LWV-VA Treasurer
507 Monticello Lane
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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