Election Laws Study

To assist members in conducting their review, a LWV-VA study committee prepared the following two publications, which should also be of interest to members of the general public:

Election Laws Study Part 1:

Election Laws Study Part 2 (Ranked Choice Voting and Voter Suppression):

Members and others interested in this topic will also find helpful information at:

To find the status of elections law changes proposed at the Virginia General Assembly go to: The Virginia General Assembly Legislative Information System

Major actions included:

  • House and Senate bills providing for no-excuse absentee voting (including no-excuse absentee voting for those 65 and older) died in the House Privileges and Elections (P&E) Committee.
  • Senator Barker’s bill to provide for court-ordered extension of polling place hours in the event of an emergency died in the House P&E Committee.
  • A bill to allow localities to acquire DRE voting machines from any source in order to provide for voter accessibility was enacted for a limited time.
  • Delegate Greason’s bill that would allow listing on the ballot the political party of candidates for local offices in Loudoun County died in the House P&E Committee.
  • A bill was enacted providing that when electronic pollbooks fail to operate and no alternative list is available, the officers of election are to provide provisional ballots to and maintain a written list of those voting.
  • House and Senate bills that would have eliminated or changed some types of allowable voter identification and eliminated use of the Oath of Affirmation for persons not having identification, requiring the use of provisional ballots in its place, died in the Senate P&E Committee.
  • A bill making a slight change in the time period for which absentee ballots are automatically sent to UOCAVA voters using the FPCA was enacted.

To find out about League of Women Voters of the US activity in regard to this issue, go to:

  • LWVUS Website and use the search feature. Type in election laws and links to past and present materials pertaining to election laws will be provided.
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