The VIRGINIA VOTER is back. It will be produced 4 times per year and will run about 16 pages in length. The VOTER EXPRESS will continue to be published but only for the 8 months that the VIRGINIA VOTER is not published and length will vary depending on what important things are happening. You will find the most recent issues here. League members will receive an email announcement that includes the newsletter announcements as well as other important League information.

LWV-VA Voter Express

October 2018 LWV-VA
Voter Express
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The Virginia Voter – October 2018

  • Rethinking Election Security, Jacob Hurt
  • Is the League’s Nonpartisan Stance Outdated?
  • Fall Workshops Photos


LWV-VA 2018 Sept Virginia VoterSeptember 2018 LWV-VA
Virginia Voter
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The Virginia Voter – September 2018

  • Letter from the President
  • Redistricting Update, Including 1st Day of Special Session (Deb Wake, Action Director)
  • 2018 Fall Workshops
  • LWVNCA: Summer Workshop on Creating Strong Leagues (Barbara Lipsky)
  • September is National Voter Registration Month (Adarsh Trehan, PR Director)
  • Women’s Equality Day was on August 26th (Adarsh Trehan, PR Director)
  • Why (Joan Porte, LWV Arlington President)
  • Get Ready for Some Changes in LWV Logos (Carol Lindstrom)
  • Special Infographic on Cyberattacks from Brennan Center For Justice

LWV-VA Voter Express August 2018

August 2018 LWV-VA
Voter Express
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The Virginia Voter Express – August 2018

We say goodbye to our Treasurer, Pat Hurst and welcome two new members of the board, Deb Wake as  Action /Advocacy Director and Andrianne Konstas/Salvettas as Membership Director.

Excitement is in the air and in this document as the Fall Workshops begin to unfold. More information will be coming to you via email and on a special page on our website ( Great things are happening and you will want to be a part of them early on so plan on attending workshops on September 8th in Colonial Williamsburg.

Action/Advocacy Director Deb Wake gives us a nice overview of where we will be heading with Action/Advocacy this year. 1st VP, Linda Garvelink announces the LWV-2018 Advocacy Challenge Award Winners.



For earlier editions of The Virginia Voter and The Voter Express see our The Virginia Voter/VoterExpress Archives Page
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