Redistricting in Virginia

Final Maps Unanimously Approved by SCoVA

On December 28, the Supreme Court of Virginia released the final maps for the 2020 – 2021  round of redistricting, as prepared by two Court-appointed special masters. The “Final Order and Approved Maps” are available on the SCoVA web site.  The maps were accompanied by a 63 page memo written by the two special masters which explains the reasoning behind their final maps and the choices they had made in revising them after two days of public hearings and a review of public comments.

For your convenience, here are individual links to the approved maps – 

Additional sources of information related to the 2020 – 2021 Redistricting Process

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) – Redistricting in Virginia  – Enter your address to see how the plans would impact you.

New!  “New Voting Maps in Virginia” – 30-minute Radio Conversation with WEHC’s Teresa Keller and Peggy Layne (LWV-Montgomery Co.) and Chris DeRosa, Co-Coordinator, LWV-VA Redistricting Committee. Aired January 5 and 9.

New! Redistricting Report Card from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project on The Virginia 2021 Special Masters’ Final Maps.  Released January 3, 2022.

LWV-VA Redistricting Blog – regular reporting by League members of Virginia’s redistricting process from selection of Virginia Redistricting Commissioners in January 2021 to release of final maps by SCoVA on December 28.

Supreme Court of Virginia’s “Redistricting Information” page – includes proposed maps, recordings of public hearings, and public comment emails until 12-20-21 (1 p.m.)

Virginia Supreme Court’s role in redistricting in the Virginia Code

“Rules and Procedures for Implementing the Requirements of Article II, Section 6-A of the Constitution of Virginia”

Court’s instructions to the Special Masters

Virginia Redistricting Commission – information and background prior to maps going to Supreme Court of Virginia


Redistricting at the Local Level

Most Virginia counties and many local jurisdictions will have to redraw their district boundaries, now that the 2020 Census has been completed. Click here for more information about redistricting at the local level. 

Why Redistricting Matters

What’s Wrong with Redistricting in Virginia?

Virginia’s election maps and the boundaries between districts have historically been drawn by the General Assembly, our state legislators whose careers can rise or fall based on where the lines end up. Politicians can use these maps to dilute voters’ power. Short Video.

League Position

The League of Women Voters of Virginia first formally studied redistricting in 1983 in order to form a position from which to advocate. However, archival materials housed at the Library of Virginia indicate an interest as far back as 1952. Our current position was updated in 2007.

Gerrymandering runs counter to equal voting rights for all eligible voters. It can amount to illegal voter suppression, as some communities gain disproportionate representation and others lose the ability to elect candidates of their choice. 

The League of Women Voters opposes partisan and racial gerrymandering. The League supports publicly transparent processes and supports processes designed to improve fair representation.

Other Resources on Redistricting
OneVirginia2021 Foundation

VPAP (Virginia Public Access Project)

Brennan Center for Justice

Virginia Civic Engagement Table

National Conference of State Legislatures






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