School Choice Task Force

The LWV-VA School Choice Task Force is very concerned.

Tuition Tax Credit Programs and “Vouchers” undermine public education funding and compromise the Principles of Public Schools.

Significant research by our TF members since the June [2017]Convention and the September workshops has resulted in our consensus that readers will see here in our statement of Principles of Public Schools, of Standards, and of Talking Points for possible legislation in 2018. Preventing the diversion of public funds from public schools to private schools is the primary goal. We are now monitoring the introduction of 2018 bills for any that are germane to school choice and diversion of funding.

SCTF documents are available below but the SCTF is also ready to present our findings, more details, full explanations and conclusions in-person to Local Leagues.

Working Reports:

Principles of Public Schools

Why do Public Schools have highest priority?  Why do we want our children in Public Schools?

Virginia’s Constitution REQUIRES a system of free public elementary and secondary schools for all children of school age throughout the Commonwealth, and shall seek to ensure that an educational program of high quality is established and continually maintained. (VA Constitution Article VIII, Section 1.)

Appendix A, labeled “Public Schools and Democracy” contains resources from other writers comparing
public and private schools vis-á-vis Democracy.

School Choice Chart

A chart of School Choice Options

School Choice Approval Criteria

LWV-VA Standards and Approval Criteria for (non-Public) School Choice Options School Choice Options in Virginia: Charter, Vouchers, Tuition Tax Credits, Virtual [Funding and Operation Parameters for K-12 Options]
[Also See Appendix B.]

Talking Points – School Choice

School Choice Option Talking Points – Preparation for 2018 Virginia General Assembly legislation

NCPE Voucher TP

NCPE: National Coalition for PUBLIC EDUCATION (LWVUS is a member of the NCPE Coalition)

LWVIL Charter Schools

League of Women Voters of Illinois Charter Schools Position [2001, updated in 2015]

Appendix A for SCTF

Appendix A – “Public Schools and Democracy”

Appendix B for Resources Standards

Appendix B – Resources Regarding Standards & Requirements, Approval Criteria

Appendix C Reign Ravitch

Appendix C: Diane Ravitch on Virtual Schools

Presentation at 2017 Fall Workshop:

LWVVAWorkshops School Choice Task23Sep ForceRev (pptx file to download and view)

LWVVAWorkshops School Choice Task23Sep ForceRev (pdf file to download and view)

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