This page contains League reports on the advocacy for voter rights.

Registering Voters Under Virginia’s Third Party Voter Registration Drives Legislation – Preliminary Report

Background:  While there had been publicized problems with voter registration drives carried out in Virginia by out-of-state groups in the past, the most recent problems with third party voter registration drives in Virginia came to light during the summer of 2012, when the media reported on the actions of the Voter Participation Center.  This nonpartisan progressive voter registration group used a vendor mailing list to send out voter registration forms that were pre-populated with some of the prospective registrant’s information.  Unfortunately, the mailing list included names of family pets and deceased family members.  It was eventually determined that the problem was with the list and not a case of fraud or criminal activity.  But this set the scene for reaction to another incident shortly thereafter, when a Harrisonburg store owner saw a man throw a trash bag into the store’s recycling bin.  Upon investigating, he discovered that the man had thrown away several completed voter registration forms.  The man was a contractor with the Republican Party helping to register voters in Virginia.  The contractor was charged with destruction of voter registration applications, disclosure of voter registration information, and obstruction of justice; the charges were later dropped.  Read More Here.
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