How to contact your elected officials and when they are up for reelection

Use this links to get the most up-to-date information on how to contact your elected officials.

Find Your Legislator

  • Find your Legislator here: Who’s My Legislator [Click Here]


Federal Elected Officials

For information on Federal Elected provides the most current contact information at: [Click Here]


Virginia Elected Officials

General Assembly Videos

View/Hear Sessions On Your Computer


Additional Resources

General Assembly SessionRead our: Women’s Legislative Roundtable Reports [Click here]: These meetings are held every Wednesday during the session. This is a forum for legislators of all parties to speak about and explain pending legislation and for non-profit groups to speak about issues that they are tracking and advocating. See our Calendar Section for roundtable dates and times.

Virginia General Assembly Website

Virginia General Assembly Website [Click Here] This site provides contact information for legislators, membership on committees, committee schedules, and much more.

Legislative Information System [Click Here]

The LIS provides almost any information one would need about the legislative session, including text and status of bills and resolutions, detailed information on each Delegate and Senator, committee schedules, budget bills and activities of budget committees, daily floor calendars, subject index of bills, and the Code of Virginia and the Virginia Administrative Code. Information is also available for past legislative sessions.

Some Helpful Links:

  • Track Legislation [Click Here]
  • Online “Legislative Terms”: LIS provides an online glossary to help citizens better understand the terms and language used during the Legislative Process [Click Here]
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