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Our Virginia Delegates

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From 2000 to today, the likelihood that a child lives in a high-poverty area —which serves as a barrier to opportunity — has risen 44%. Find more data on #GenZ: https://t.co/O165eeF3nq

🗳️Did you know that you can use your student photo ID or employee ID card to vote? There are many different types of photo ID that you can use, as long as your ID is not expired for 12+ months.

Here are some of the most common acceptable forms of photo ID 👇 #Vote

This anniversary of Alice Paul’s arrest was yesterday.Thanks to ACLU for the reminder! https://t.co/jeIoH6RPfM

In a major report in July, we found that voter purges increased significantly in the 2016 election cycle. Now, new Brennan Center numbers from three states offer cause for alarm about 2018, too. #ProtectTheVote https://t.co/RmgaH6HNIX

Just days before our trial date, today the Department of Justice is asking the Supreme Court to stop the Children’s Constitutional Case on climate change from moving forward. Our young plaintiffs deserve their day in court! #JulianavUS

Fantastic advice from @americaferrera if you feel like you simply don’t know enough to #BeAVoter 📹👉https://t.co/y49a3traNp

We’re thrilled to be partnering with @Lyft to help voters get to the polls this year! Voters can download a 50%-off discount code here: https://t.co/s8RM90CYeT #BeAVoter

LWV-VA 2019 Advocacy Challenge Starts 10/15/18 - https://t.co/TfYMuhP3Va

Empowered women empower women. We're all about teaching girls that their vision can become a reality—and one of the best ways to do that is at the ballot box where ALL our voices are equal. #DayOfTheGirl @MsmuLwv

BREAKING: The death penalty, which is tainted by racial bias, is outlawed today in Washington. It's time for Virginia to catch up and abolish this cruel, barbaric, and unjust punishment. https://t.co/7dWEwVJzug

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From our Virginia League members, some photos

Our Virginia Leaders are there! (photos added as they are found)

You have to look close in a big crowd, but Virginia members are there!


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