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It’s here! VOTE411 is live:
Compare the 3 candidates for US Senate. Learn about the 2 Virginia Constitutional Amendments. See if your candidates for the House of Representatives have answered the questions. 
Find the information you need to register, check your voter status, update your address, apply for absentee ballots, find your polling place AND find out what type of PHOTO ID you must have in order to vote.


This is where you will find the latest information on our Lobbying efforts for LWV-VA. Know the difference between Action/Lobbying and Advocacy/Education by reading this from LWVUS Defining “Advocacy” vs. “Lobbying” What We Do: Use this link to find out what League is doing in Virginia. Use the list of all the Virginia League groups, their websites, and their Facebook Pages to begin your exploration of What We Do!  https://lwv-va.org/about-us/our-virginia-leagues/


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